Just Be


The Magnificent Experiment


 Can you imagine waking up one day and experiencing a force-the Tao-opening up to you? You may have been intrigued by Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now or admired Neale Walsch's ability to have conversations with God. Along the Tao, you will be able to experience both by allowing yourself to be synchronized with the flow of the universe. You will learn that every meeting with someone is a holy encounter and that all problems and opportunities that come your way are presents hand-delivered by the Tao just for you. There is no faith required to connect with the Tao; just be willing to experience life with a new perspective. Expect many changes in your life with the Tao as your coach, specifically: Let your subconscious agenda and internal conflicts be revealed to you Channel your energies in a new, purposeful direction. Learn to be guided by synchronicity. Be the Law of Attraction. Discover the Christian power of positive thinking. Flourish in the every professional setting by embracing the power of the 4 Cs: creativity, communication, connectivity, and caring. Realize the love, peace, and security of the Psalm 23 traveler yourself Experience life as a fairy tale Start your journey toward wholeness Live your life as a magnificent experiment 

The Way of the Meister


A Meister is a master of a craft—ten years into his spiritual Awakening, Christian shares his lessons learned. It is both an art and a science to keep the fun and the magic of the Way going, and ‘The Way of the Meister’ aims to hand this process down to the next generation of spiritual travelers—you! The content of this book is enlightening, yet its delivery is pragmatic. ‘The Way of the Meister’ is a pilgrimage in a pocket. Learn how to become a spiritual Meister yourself.