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Spiritual Coaching


The job of a spiritual guide  (…) is not to ‘fix’ people. It is to act as a mid-wife for an emotional re-birthing process. Just like you cannot save a laboring woman from her contractions, (…) we cannot save a person from experiencing the waves of emotional pain. Our job is to support them and guide them through that pain into their expansion. (Teal Scott)

Do you feel stuck in your life? Do you experience new talents or metaphysical powers but are unsure how to use and express them? Do you feel you need a new purpose in life? 

Contact me today to  explore possible solutions to 

jump-start your spiritual Awakening process.

- remove internal conflicts

- cope with ‘Dark Night of the Soul’  episodes

- overcome anxiety

- learn to be guided by synchronicity

- channel your energies in a new, purposeful direction 

- be part of a network of spiritual fellow-travelers 

Initial consultation and regular sessions: $125 for 45 minutes